joeKa   –    Joe Kaart

proud parent. runner. writer. researcher. MD-PhD (UW Seattle, USA).
Currently living and working in Heidelberg and Frankfurt am Main-area, Germany.

“Popular culture today has an obsessive focus on the artists behind the art – ”           Mary Beard


2023 Group show “Kunst im Domhof”, June 23th – July 4th, Domhofsaal Hauptstr. 9, Ladenburg

2023 Group show “Meer-Müll”, Atelier Weber, Donaugasse 18, 94474 Vilshoven an der Donau, May 2023

2022 Group show ECCMID 2022, April 23th – 26th 2022, Lisbon, Portugal Art Gallery, ALTICE ARENA
2022 Group show “10 Jahre KVL”, June 26th – July 17th, Rathaus der Stadt Ladenburg, Hauptstr. 9
2022 Touring exhibition “Tandem Humans – Corals”, July 14th-16th Hochschule Bremerhaven An der Karlstadt 8, 27568 Bremerhaven
2021 Group show „Alte Meister neu – Mitgliederausstellung“ September 17th – October 3rd 2021 presence Kunstverein, Domhof Ladenburg, Hauptstraße 7, 68526 Ladenburg
2021 Group show „Masterful – Reverence and Reminiscence“ February 4th – 28th 2021 online 
2021 Group show Kunsttreff Moosach (Donauwörther Str. 51, D-80997 München/ Munich) Exhibition Human/Corals 18-23/03/2021
2021 Group show Pop-Up-Pavillon (Alter Markt 17, D-24103 Kiel) Exhibition: 9-11/February/2021 CANCELLED
2021 Group show “Memories of Summer ‘nd More” Jahresgaben online Kunstverein Heidelberg
2020 Juried exhibition “Back to Future”, Domhof Galerie, Ladenburg bei Heidelberg
2020 Group show “Flora im Fenster”, Kleine Galerie, Ladenburg bei Heidelberg
2019 Group show “Reduziert”, Domhof Gallery, Ladenburg bei Heidelberg
2019 Solo exhibit Bestiarium KunstFenster, Kunstverein Ladenburg, Germany
2019 Group show “Trump” KUNSTTREFF MOOSACHMünchen
2019 Group show Kunst in der Krautfabrik, Matchboxtheater, Leverkusen, Germany
2019 Group show Bonzenparty TRUMP Wanderausstellung, KAW Kulturausbesserungswerk, Leverkusen, Germany
2019 TAE19 Charity Art In Healthcare, Curator Sam Banister, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018 Group show Farbe Bekennen, Kunstverein Ladenburg,  Domhof Ladenburg, Germany
2018 Trump-Era -7th exhibition: Sep 2018, Atelier Weber,  Vilshofen, Germany
2018  Kunst Schimmer 6, Kunstmesse Ulm, Germany
2018  Toothless Tiger Art, Art-Cafe Engloes, Toblach/Dobbiaco, Italy
2018  Anti-Hero – , Bedürfnissanstalt, Hamburg, Germany
2018 TAE18 Charity, Pegasus Riding, Curator Kylie Fogarty, Canberra, Australia
2018 Competition”Trump”, KunstWerkStatt, Deggendorf, Germany
2018 Toothless Tiger-Art bites Trump? KulturEck OTTO2, Düsseldorf, Germany
2017 Winner of the Recognition Prize International Palm Art Award
2017 KANN KUNST BEISSEN? Raum für Kunst, Bunker K101 Museum, Köln, Germany
2017 Marler Kunst Stern, Marl-Recklinghausen, Germany
2017 Art Fair Malaga’17, Malaga, Spain
2016 Joe Ka Art, Artist Feature “Art of Day”
2016  twitARTexhibit “Foster Pride” Trygve Lie Gallery (Curator Isha Setia) New York, USA


artParts (selected):
2015 Art sabbatical and experimental video moments
2008 Joint exhibition “Open Doors”  contemporary artists of Goettingen County, Germany
2008 Joint exhibition and finalist of the Culture Award Competition (Kulturpreis) Arts and Culture of Goettingen County, Germany
2008 Solo exhibit Altstadt-Gallery NOMA (Ilse Arnauld des Lions), Regensburg
2006 Solo exhibit Gallery Schloss Eichhofen
2004 – 2005 International Fine Arts Summer Academy Eichhofen, Renate Christin, (IGBK, ECA) Regensburg
1998 Solo exhibit “North-West” at Seattle Athletics Club Gallery, Seattle, USA
1998 Joint exhibition and finalist “Art in Science”, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
1994 Filipino Culture and Arts Solo “Panata Sa Kalayaan” (Oath to Freedom), Davao-City and MSU Campus Marawi, Mindanao, The Philippines
1990-92 Studies at the ADBK Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany


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