what’s up, joe?

Visual artist joeKa explored European, Asian and American themes while living in the Philippines, in the Pacific Northwest and in Germany. 

My art is probably all about catching a moment, a speckle of wonder or longing, of sadness or beauty, – grasping that moment that will tell an entire story”

Many of joe’s artworks have multiple layers of transparency, creating depth and texture. Bold portraits and vibrant landscapes go beyond reality, playing with light and colorful shadows.

„I am a kindergarden and art school drop-out, still, I’ve never stopped playing, painting, creating, making art stuff. “

With finite formal art training, joeKa‘s primary focus is painting and experimenting, combining painting at times with poems, photography, printmaking and collage. Most motifs are worked on in series, thus exploring different angles of view and playing with the possibilities of perception.

„Creating art and practicing medicine, both intensify in a rewarding relationship that provides insights into universal human experiences.”

joeKa‘ s artwork has been featured in exhibitions and art shows in the USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, Scotland and Germany.


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