Palm Art Award

Joe Ka Art
Winner of the Palm Art Award
Recognition Prize 2017 

I am delighted to be the winner of this years International Palm Art Awards Recognition Prize

Palm Art Award Recognition Prize 2017
Recognition Award Winner Joe Ka Art









Thank you to the jury who has awarded me the prize as a special recognition of the artistic quality and originality” of my art work. 

„Summer“, „Foundling“ and „Barnes & Noble“

Members of the jury are Ulrich Goette-Himmelblau (Artist, Leipzig), Julika Götte (Artist, Leipzig), Ulrich Reimkasten (Professor of Painting/Textile Arts, University of Art and Design, Halle), Armin Schubert (former CEO Gallery Sonnensegel, Brandenburg a.d. Havel), Volker Lahnstein (Art Collector, Düsseldorf)

Three paintings of Joe Ka Art got nominated for the International Palm Art Award 2017

PALM ART AWARD since 2002

Palm Art Award since 2002
Palm Art Award since 2002

Palm Art Award is granted to artists of all visual media, such as painting, graphic art, digital art, photography and sculpture. The juried art competition seeks to attract in particular emerging artists complying with or even redefining standards of art excellence.


Heroes Exhibition Kunst Stern Marl


Artist Joe Ka  participated in the 10th edition of Contemporary Art in Marl, Germany.

„Delighted to have been selected to present at the International Art Show MARLER KUNSTSTERN 2017. “ 

Poster of Marler Kunststern International Art Show 2017
“Heroes” at Marler Kunststern International Art Show 2017

Thank you to the judges Dr. Gabriele Uelsberg, Landes-Museum Bonn, Linda Schmitz, LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen, and Christian Paulsen for the nomination.

Joe Ka Art  exhibits mOvemOment eXpression paintings of his “Heroes” cycle 

Curated by renowned experts, the MARLER KUNSTSTERN presented  a selection of works on the topic “HEROES” (Helden).  “Heroes” paintings include “Hilti”, “Idomeni”, “La Barrera”, “Trump – Antihero” and “AstroMan”

promotional poster of Marler Kunststern art exhibition 2017
“Heroes” paintings by Joe Ka Art

This year the Marler KunstStern Art Show is celebrating its tenth edition – Congratulations!

in 2008, the MARLER KUNSTSTERN, a cultural major event took place for the first time. Because of its diversity, the exhibition attracted overregional attention. Today the MARLER KUNSTSTERN is one of the largest interdisciplinary exhibitions of the free art scene in Germany. 

Thank you to the organizers of MARLER KUNSTSTERN

Künstlergruppe Kunst im Stern

Kunstmagazin Kunst:Art

Bühnenstudio Hamburg


Art Fair Malaga

Joe Ka Art at the Art Fair Málaga

logo of Art Fair Malaga 2017
Art Fair Malaga 2017

Artist Joe Ka participates in the Art Fair in Málaga from June 30th until July 2nd.

„I am honored to participate in the ART FAIR MALAGA 2017 and would like to thank the Selection Committee for approval.“

Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga
Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga offers 6.000 m2 dedicated to exhibition of contemporary art

Joe Ka Art is represented with five acrylic paintings via digital showcase at the Art Fair.

The exhibition is open to contemporary artists, who work with painting, sculpture, drawing, original graphicworks, photography, digital art, and other disciplines. The artistic quality of the exhibition proposals are rated by a Selection Committee appointed by Art Fair Málaga ’17.

The Art Fair Málaga is the second largest international art fair in Spain.

It is best described as an international meeting place for galleries, independent aspiring artists and collectors. In more than 6,000 square meters of exhibition space, a total of 400 artists and 50 galleries present their works at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos.

description of the Art Fair standards and offers
High quality standards of an International Art Fair and a program of talks, conferences, live painting and performances

Opening hours:

dates and opening hours
Art Fair Malaga 2017

Beautiful Málaga 

The city with more museums per square meters, capital of the Costa del Sol, and one of the oldest cities in Europe, has gradually become “The City of Museums”. The Center for Contemporary Art, the Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum, the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the Museum of Russian Art, the Picasso Museum Málaga, or the Foundation Picasso Casa Natal, among many others, are an example of this.

photo of centre of Malaga
Malaga, The City of Museums

Philosophy of Art

rocks and sky behind museum of Joe Ka art
philosophy of art Joe Ka museum

It was the beginning of art as we experience it today

Shiner cites examples from a wide range of forms, including Shakespeare’s plays, Greek drama, Cellini’s sculptures and Michelangelo’s paintings. He also discusses Asian art, pointing out how “the Japanese language had no collective noun for `art’ in our sense until the nineteenth century”.

He establishes that the phrase “Chinese art” is also a relatively recent invention, since before the 19th century no one in China “grouped painting, sculpture, ceramics, and calligraphy together as objects” with something determinate in common.

The Invention of Art: A Cultural History

Joe Ka art refection on pond
waterlily art refection on pond

The idea of Art

University of Illinois philosophy professor Shiner spent over a decade honing what he calls a “brief history of the idea of art.” This carefully prepared and given the extent and complexity of what he is discussing admirably concise, well-organized book is the result.

Looking forward as much as backward, Shiner finds

that “the category of fine art is a recent historical construction that could disappear in its turn.”